The Invisible Tape Nr. 2 – Selected Few (Part I)

It was time for Invisible Guy to have his own mixtape. This is the second one in the series, and it will be extended even more in the future. However, I’ve made room for seven wonderful artists on this mixtape and the other seven artists will be featured on the next one. Therefore, make room for these aspiring souls. Amongst one of those are Unwoman whom you’ll find an interview with over here. The others include Structural Disorder, where you can find an interview with (in Swedish) over here. Mat Dryhurst, whom also goes by the name of Total Accomplishment, you can find the interview with him over here. The wonderful alt-classical punk-band Birdeatsbaby have also been featured on this site and you’ll find the interview with them over here. Also, dive deep into the ocean of synth-pop and accompany Seacrypt in their interview over here. The hungarian artist Piresian Beach will make you love lo-fi, find the interview with her over here. Ever wanted to be a star in the Masquerade? Find the jokers from Pink Narcissus over here.

A nice blend of different styles and genres are going to be introduced to you. Enjoy!

Track list:

Unwoman – Is She Secretly On My Side (Soundtrack Of Her Life) (Unremembered, 2010)

Structural Disorder – Rebirth (A Prelude To Insanity, 2012)

Pink Narcissus – Masquerade (Block Your Ears Shield Your Eyes, 2011)

Mat Dryhurst – Deep Packet (2012)

Birdeatsbaby – I Always Hang Myself With The Same Rope (Here She Comes a Tumblin’, 2009)

Piresian Beach – Keine Falle (Alle Falle, 2012)

Seacrypt – Edge Of Time (A Momentary Rift, 2012)

Hanetration – Tenth Oar EP

The Cover?

Quite minimalistic in its nature and dilapidated too. Almost as if you’d be playing around with some textures and decided you’d go with the ones with least quality, or at least trying to blur them out. I’ll have to see if this basic concept reflects the music or not. But somehow I like it in it’s non-zoomed in state, it looks harmonic and the somewhat greenish, white and black blend together pretty well. It almost seems like there are some figures that you’d find by staring at an object for too long which happens with this cover as well. The cover is probably influenced by the fact that it’s the first EP he’s made since he started out under the name Hanetration. So, let’s move on and see how well the cover reflects the music. I’d be suspecting some noisy music, maybe a little bit glitchy by seeing the cover. Something in the same sphere as IDM.

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