Metal Tank records signs PANIKK!

The Slovenian Bay-area thrash metal maniacs hearing under the name of Panikk inked a deal with Metal Tank Records that will release their upcoming album entitled Unbearable Conditions. Panikk as the name suggests for something fast, mind-blowing and erratically blood-pumping metal put simply as THRASH!

Influenced by Bay area metal bands they represent it with full-blown-in-your-face voyage to the world of face-melting riffs unwilling to slow down to the last beat and you will want to take that trip again and again and… AGAIN! For more information consult

Band comment about the upcoming release: “We went into DYZ Sonic Temple Studio in March to record a debut album Unbearable Conditions under the surveillance of producer Dyz. We’re pumped with thrash that is energetic and tight sounding and so is our music which doesn’t give a fuck of todays trends. We wrote 6 songs anew and took 2 songs off of demo rearranged them and made them even better. We invited along two friends Domen Justin (Dyz) and Tim Draksler who contributed a few solos.

Panikk live:

Hungarian lo-fi band Zombie Girlfriend presents two new EPs!

After months of waiting, Zombie Girlfriend now proudly presents two brand new EPs: PINK AND BLUE and GRAY. If you’d like to support the band you can download the EPs from Bandcamp for a pathetically low amount of money:

– if you wanna skip the “pay” part you can download both records for free here:

Zombie Girlfriend was founded by Hungarian singer-songwriter Benedek Szabo and soon gained recognition with debut album *The Great Plain*. A review in the 405 described his music as “dreamy reverb-drenched garage pop songs, lush euphoric instrumentation and witty, Stephin Merritt-esque vocal sensibilities with sunshine-pop melodies.” Szabo then gathered a bunch of musicians and started touring. After the rocking second album (Music For Porn) these two EPs mark a return to the sound of the early material.

Interview with Sofy Major!

Sofy Major is one of those bands that are hard to categorize within any genre. They’re a three-piece from France that’s been around since 2005, currently consisting of Mathieu (drums), Sébastien (guitars) and Mathieu (bass/vocals). It’s actually one of those interviews where I didn’t get a response that quickly, so it’s been laying in the mail for about two months. I was actually surprised that I received it in my mail just now, but also happy since I was in dire need for some material. I asked two of the members a bunch of nice questions and this is probably one of the longer interviews I’ve ever conducted. Hope you like it, because I know I did.

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Zeon Light släpper två kassetter i början av Augusti!

Närmare bestämt den andra Augusti. En av släppen kommer vara med Paddington Distortion Unit och sitt släpp Unit (Zeon Light 019, c45), som är begränsad till 46 upplagor. Zeon Light beskriver Paddington på detta vis:

För er som inte känner till den smått legendariske Paddington så är det Calle Olsson som i åratal arbetat under namnet Paddington DC och släppen har blivit många under årens lopp. I grunden har vi synthesizern. Och i botten har vi pur pop om än på Calles vis. Skev och tvär.

Det andra släppet kommer från Horrible Houses och är betitlad Dead Surfer’s Valentine (Zeon Light 020, c25). Som är ännu mer begränsad, nämligen till 26 upplagor. Såhär beskriver Zeon Light dem:

Horrible Houses är pop som den alltid borde låta. Musikfesten Cosy Den talar om Särnas svar på Spiritualized, Beat Happening och Go-Betweens. Och varför skulle vi säga emot? Oemotståndligt är det hur som helst.

Bägge släppen kommer att kunna köpas som kasetter för 100 kronor, inklusive porto. Du får även en digital utgåva på köpet.

Och för all del, glöm inte en av de senare släppen, Oliwa – Rituals (Zeon Light 017). Lyssna på en låt från det albumet nedanför.

Till hösten kan ni även se fram emot följande akter, som kommer att släppa sitt material på Zeon Light: Chicagojazzen, Arc Light, Erik D. Vahl, Markus Hulthén, Diskoteket, Pär Thörn, Leif Holmstrand, Folkmun, Robert Anton Pizza, Fastlandet, tsukimono, Natten m.m.

Mackaper ger bort två tidigare osläppta låtar gratis!

Orgelfantasterna och duon Mackaper har hållit hårt i två osläppta låtar i ungefär 10-12 år, men släpper nu ut dessa till allmänheten. Den första låten heter Beppe som är döpt efter den svenske konstnären och mångsysslaren Beppe Wolgers. För övrigt är deras debutalbum  från 2010, When All Is Sad And Dawn, ett uttryck taget direkt från Beppe Wolgers självbiografi.

Beppe Wolgers

Den andra låten går under namnet Fenix. Ni kan lyssna på bägge två nedanför och även ladda ned dem från Bandcamp.

Förutom detta kommer de även att släppa ett andra album någon gång under år 2013.

Interview with Epidemics!

Epidemics is an oldschool punk-band from Umeå formed in 2007, consisting of four friends who met each other through the punk-scene. They’ve released one full-length album titled Waking Up The Dead, a single featuring the song I Don’t Get It which also landed on Turist I Tillvaron Vol. 1 and an EP titled No Reply. I did this interview a while ago and didn’t get any response for a while, which was the stupid mail-systems fault. So I finally got the answers from Emma Swanström, the singer of the band. I asked her about the background-story of Epidemics, what their favorite show was like, what they’re releasing next and many more interesting questions. Follow the lead and click it for a feast! Just joking, click the damn button and it’ll open up itself for you.

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Metal Tank Records signs VIGILANCE!

The Slovenian occult heavy metal act Vigilance inked a deal with Metal Tank Records that will release their upcoming album. The successor of “Steeds of Time” from 2011 will crush everything in front of with its excellent mixture of genuine traditional speed heavy metal filled with profound devotion for primordial and ritualistic occultism. For more information consult the official Metal Tank Records website at

The band comments: »We are thrilled to announce that we are returning to Zalokar studios. The time is at hand to record the successor of our debut album Steeds of Time« We have been working harder than ever before so you can expect nothing but fastdark and untamed heavy metal!

Vigilance Live:

Sapphire Rebellion – Pocketful of X-Rays

The Cover?

Well, it might not be as impressive as I’d want it to be, but it’s OK since it’s their first CD. However, I noticed something cool about the cover and that’s how it blends the colors together and reflect the light from my computer-screen onto the jewel-case, creating a wide oval of rainbow-colored delight. With blue and purple tint on the edges, switching to a blend of yellow, cyan and almost red color the closer you come to the middle of it. If this was done on purpose or not, I don’t really know, but it enhances the feature. In theory, it could be a distraction from the bland cover, making it an even more fascinating experience. The back looks almost the same, but with a squash of colors differentiating between sulky and bright colors. Almost psychedelic, to a degree.

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A tribute to Last Days Of Man On Earth!

Dave Zukauskas

I found the blog Last Days Of Man On Earth some years ago and didn’t pay as much attention to it as I should’ve. Since there weren’t a lot of blogs around then, I started to venture around (thanks to it) and also found KBD Records. Now that I’ve read everything on the blog, I started to mail around and got a hold of Joe and others. But a man called Dave Zukauskas wanted me to do it in text, so here’s his tribute to Last Days Of Man On Earth and mine too. I asked him a bunch of questions about what blogs he visits, how the “shut-down” of Last Days affected him and a range of other questions I wanted to ask. So let’s see this as a tribute to the immense work that laid the path of that particular blog and how much it actually influenced people around it. Thank you, Joe and thank you Dave for wanting to get interviewed. I also had a question about the Hardcore Superiority myth which you can read over here.

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Moloken – Rural + Video

The Cover?

Now, for once, I actually know who’s made the cover. It was made by Kenny Lindström who resides over at Organic Level. Deep within the wilderness of the forests of Sweden, the story would begin. A bunch of mean looking crows beneath the tails and trees. Maybe the inspiration for this cover came from the nature of Sweden? I don’t really know, but it feels that way. At the same time it feels kind of exotic, as if they’d cover themselves in palms and vines. The colors match each other with a nice and sharp precision, at the same time it comes with rough edges which makes the texture of it look more worn. They artist they’ve hired for this one, as mentioned above with name, seem to be a very skilled one. Whilst the color-combination make it seem more in-your-face and dark than the lettering of it, the reversed little birdies almost form a fractal with the rest of the background. So, that may explain why I’d expect a hint of psychedelia in this record. Also, the doom and gloominess of it entwined with the dark and alluring could give me a hint of it being doom metal and black metal. Basically everything that’s influenced them to begin with. Let’s see if this will reflect itself accompanied by the music.

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