V/A – Dimmorna Skingras Vol. 2

Dimmorna Skingras is a Swedish D.I.Y-compilation coming straight out of Pike Records. If you know me, you’d know by now that I support D.I.Y. and this one got sent to me some weeks ago. I picked it up today and I’m going to review it for you too. Haven’t really heard much about Vol. 1 in this series, so I’ll basically have nothing to compare with. What I can say is that I like this cover better than the first one, even though I find it to be pretty awesome anyway.

One thing that’s good about this compilation is that the line-up have changed since Vol. 1, allowing ten new bands fight in the tiny space that is Dimmorna Skingras. Those ten are the following bands: Handgranat, PP7 Gaftzeb, Stockholms Blodbad, Bombangrepp, Vengeance Of Karma, The Bristles, Passiv Dödshjälp, Inavel, Von BøøM and Thräshers (from Hotet Från Skogarna). One of the bands that I recognize from this compilation would be Thräshers, as they were featured on another D.I.Y.-initiative. I also recognize Passiv Dödshjälp and The Bristles, I’ve actually heard one or two of their songs, but the other bands are virtually new to me.

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