Invisible Guy recommends: 80s Post-Punk – 1988-1989 (Part VI)

I’ve been through with you in the 80′s now in about six parts, four parts were about new wave and two parts were about minimal wave. Now, because of popular demand (not really), I’ve decided to unleash the post-punk monster. It will feature six different parts, whereas each one of them will concentrate on important years. I will walk you through a decade of important music, I could almost call it the golden years of post-punk. The parts will go on like this: Part I, 1980-1981. Part II, 1982. Part III, 1983-1984. Part IV, 1985. Part V, 1986-1987. And finally: Part VI, 1988-1989. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this madness, featuring (mostly) obscure or unknown bands in this sphere. New for this recommendation will be that I have different commentaries under each video, some of them are humorous and others are not. It will cover the basic aspect of each video or text. Enjoy this one.

You’re now entering Part VI of the recommendation.

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I'm deliciously sick!

4. The Gene Syndrome – goth, post-punk and new-wave – a good combination. Unfortunately this is one of those underrated bands, they actually had released some good records. But people paid attention to other stuff instead, so here I am trying to teach you about it. This band consisted of Neil Faulkner, Dominic Jones and Gill Faulkner. Sometimes, I accidentally put them into the same stove as The Danse Society, which is a totally different but equally great band. The album I’ve chosen is produced by Ralph Jezzard and he’s produced a shitload of records since this one. Time to reveal it: Delicious (1988, Gene Records). Also, the song I’ve chosen is called Deliciously Sick. It’s one of those great and almost Gothic-sounding masterpieces. Blending the best of new wave, with catchy riffs and the post-punk dimension. Certainly a song you should hear and a record you’d need to check out. Or even better; find it and put it in your mile wide collection. The chorus with the piano and resounding vocals is absolutely fabulous.


3. The Fall – one of the legendary post-punk bands straight out of Manchester. Seriously, if you don’t know these fellas I don’t have any high hopes for you. Go out on the internet and search it up, because you’ll need it if you’re going to follow me. Or no, not really, but to enjoy it even more. It was also released on the legendary Beggars Banquet label, which you should check out too. Even though it takes a few listens to really appreciate it, I hope that you’ll acquire some good taste and get on with it. Enough of my bullshitting, lets get to the point! The album I’ve chosen is The Frenz Experiment (1988, Beggars Banquet). I picked their song Athlete Cured. It’s a really weird song but it keeps me going, it makes me dance and then I’ll enjoy it. The “Unfortunately, this is East Germany!” line is absolutely hilarious. They also sing something about The Cure, I wonder what that means? Sometimes they accidentally break some wind too. Now you don’t really know what you’re getting into, but trust me, it’s worth it.

- Do you understand what they're singing? - No, but... rock on!

2. Die Mimmi’s– bathwater post-punk and rock in German. Actually managing to release a shitload of records too, maybe not as much as the above ones, but enough to have a bunch of great records. Of course, this is sung in German and the song I’ve chosen is about how a guy is sitting in his bathwater. I don’t really know what he’s doing there though. The band consists of the following individuals: Claus Fabian (founder of Weser Label), Elke Temp, Lars Köster, Michael Mayer and Sylke Eitemüller. These guys and girls have also played in a bunch of different bands. So they released their second album (which I took) Alles Zuscheissen (1989, Weser Label) which was released on Claus Fabians own label. I picked their song Jahre Doof. It’s actually kind of a sad song, but it turns happy further in. More of an up-tempo and more rock-influenced song than the rest of the ones recommended. Which actually can be quite good, also when it turns out to be somewhat of a rock and post-punk ballad which you can’t understand. But: “Oh man, oh man” for you.

I wouldn't know - and why should I care?

1. The Purple Helmets – almost disco-oriented, funky and strong post-punk. They only released two records, and they were originally from the UK. It’s one of the more ballad-oriented and less post-punk stereotypical records out there. Best thing about it is that J. J. Burnell from the legendary band The Stranglers were apart of this band too. With his two henchmen Dave Greenfield and John Ellis, both of them had been a part of The Stranglers in one occasion or another. I picked their second album Rise Again (1989, Anagram Records). I chose their song She’s Not There from that record. It’s got that interesting piano intro with drumming, then comes the vocalist with a wheezing voice and escalate the sound into something way original. Almost sounds like something psychedelic from the 60’s. Listen to it!

BONUS Nr. 1: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – legendary Nick Cave and his post-punk friends. I actually found out about Nick Cave when my teacher played a song by him and his band some years ago. He was an avid fan of his and thought he was one of the greatest artists out there. I had only heard of him a wee bit earlier, but it didn’t really leave no impression on me. Then I found The Birthday Party and the singer almost sounded the same, but more crazy and wicked than on this record. So I decided to check it out and found this record, it became one of my favorites pretty quickly. I chose this record: Your Funeral … My Trial (1989, Mute Records). I also found out by surprise that it had been released on Mute Records, no wonders really! What song did I pick? I picked the song with the same name as the record: Your Funeral My Trial. Since we’ve gotten so ballady, it’s really time for the one and only. I really dig the deep bass and the less insane Nick Cave spilling his hearts out. It almost makes me shed a tear, it’s such a good record and such a great song.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips from Invisible Guy. This is the end of Part VI.

I’ll be publishing the 20 runner-ups on Friday night or Saturday morning!

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