The Invisible Tape Nr. 1 – Fishrider Edition!

It’s time for me to enter the “scene” of mix tapes. I’ve been wanting to do one for ages, but haven’t really had the time on my hands to do it. So I thought I’d give you a peek into the world of Fishrider Records. You’ll find an interview with Ian Henderson who runs the show, over here. A song from the interesting alt-pop act Opposite Sex, and you’ll find an interview with Lucy Hunter (the singer) over here. To the astonishing psychedelic-pop project The Shifting Sands consisting of Mike McLeod and a backing of New Zealands finest. You’ll find an interview with him over here. They’re accompanied by many other fine acts, rare songs and exclusive material just for you and only on Invisible Guy in symbiosis with Fishrider Records. Press play and enjoy your stay!

Track list:

The Shifting Sands – Tonight (Feel, 2012)

Opposite Sex – Dada Creep (Opposite Sex, 2011)

The Puddle – The Vitalist (Secret Holiday / Victory Blues, 2012)

Adalita Srsen & Robert Scott – That’s What I Heard (That’s What I Heard, 2010)

Opposite Sex – La Rat (Opposite Sex, 2011)

The Dark Beaks – Dream About You (Spill Your Heart, 2005)

The Shifting Sands – Kitchen Sink (Feel, 2012)

The Puddle – English Speaking World (Playboys In The Bush, 2010)

Opposite Sex – Panther Fight (Opposite Sex, 2011)

The Dark Beaks – Nothing

The Puddle – Friends (The Shakespeare Monkey, 2009)

Approximate length: 39 minutes!