KatzKab show off three demo-tracks from their upcoming album!

I’ve also interviewed them over here. It sounds a little bit different from the first EP they released under this name, maybe they’re trying to find their preliminary sound or maybe they’re just experimenting. However, this sounds like a blend of death rock, dark cabaret and some post-punk. The featured songs are the following: VodooCatWalk (01:07), The Silent Guest (01:48) and Miracle (01:29). Hopefully they’ll continue to experiment, because this sounds awesome enough.

I also like the back-up vocals that are presented here. Speaking about the cover, they’ve made the skeletons a part of the game that’s called KatzKab, but this time we’re faced with a black and white cover. The songs fit the mood of the cover very well. So dress up, have a pint and rock away. I’m looking forward to this album, so look out because it’s coming this fall (in October?) and make sure you’ll have some cash by then.

By the way, here’s a quote from the interview I conducted with them, it shows off where they are in the development of their latest album.

We’re working on the album, all the songwriting is done. We started doing voices, guitar and bass recording – and we have planned to go in studio this summer for specific recordings (cello, trumpet, saxophone, drums, etc.) and mix. We hope the album will be ready for fall 2012!

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