Invisible Guy recommends: 80s Minimal Wave! (Part II)


This list is by no means my all time favorite minimal wave gems, but more a blend of both obscure and more well-known artists and groups from this dimension. The numbers mean nothing. Hopefully it will be ten great tips that people can be inspired by and find music they’ve never heard, but also help them get into the genre that is minimal wave. Not everything in the list may qualify as one hundred percent trve minimal wave, but I try to keep it as close to it as possible.

You’re now entering Part II of the recommendation.

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4. Der Künftige Musikant – crazy, schizophrenic, gloomy and dark german minimal wave. It’s the brainchild of Rolf Schobert, also known as Der Ewige Musikant, Der Mußikant and Der Lustiger Musikant. All different variations of the same project, kind of. He also goes by the names Heute and Name/Das Name/Die Name. The song I’ve chosen is Est Ist Kalt from his first 7¨ named “Veitstanz” (1982, Schrott). I love the desperate shouting and the concentrated melody.

3. Gleitzeit – poppy, sounds like Hot Chip, minimalistic and playful german minimal. It’s made up by a duo consisting of Günther Seltmann and James Cobas. Whereas the last one mentioned also wrote the disco-song Wait, Till I’m Asleep by Jennifer Kemp. I chose the song Ich Komme Aus Der DDR from their one and only debut 7¨ with the same name: “Ich Komme Aus Der DDR” (1982, Robot Records). I liked it because of its playfulness, when dealing with such a theme. Also, the hint of monotonous unrest make the song even better.

2. E-Man – norweigan minimal, catchy and filled with good rhytmics. Created by Geir Jenssen, also known under the names Cosmic Exploder, Bleep and Biosphere. But those are only his solo-projects, he’s also members of the following groups: Bel Canto, The Fires Of Ork and Time Probe. I picked the song Jeg Er Moderne from his self-titled debutalbum “E-Man” (1984, Likvidér) and only release under the name. I liked the song because the rhytms made me wanna dance and it was interesting to hear some nordic minimal for a change.

1. Svart Klovn – another norweigan minimal, gloomy, dreamy, melancholic and catchy.  A project by Svenn Jakobsen, also known by the alias Kid Death. I picked the song Knust Knekt from his first 7¨ single called Knust Knekt / Macho Manifest(1983, Uniton Records). Mostly because of the depressing subject, but also because of the rambling geniousness, catchy melancholic and dark minimal at its peak.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips from Invisible Guy. This is the end of Part II.

I hope that I will see you again, but this is the end of the recommendation of 80s Minimal Wave!

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