Invisible Guy recommends: 80s Minimal Wave! (Part I)

This list is by no means my all time favorite minimal wave gems, but more a blend of both obscure and more well-known artists and groups from this dimension. The numbers mean nothing. Hopefully it will be ten great tips that people can be inspired by and find music they’ve never heard, but also help them get into the genre that is minimal wave. Not everything in the list may qualify as one hundred percent trve minimal wave, but I try to keep it as close to it as possible.

You’re now entering Part I of the recommendation.

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10. Vono – experimental minimal wave all the way from Berlin, created by the brothers Norbert Schultze and Volker Schultze. With hints of EBM and other genres, from their album “Dinner Für 2” (1986, Sky Records). A pretty quirky and weird record, so it was hard to pick a favorite. But I think the song with the same name: Dinner Für 2, in all its simplicity, makes for a great candidate.

9. Richard Bone – the master of the 80’s NYC underground minimal wave but also the electronica scene as a whole. Also the man that inspired me to start up this blog. Not that I’ve got any contact with him, but his song Invisible Guy is where this blog got its name from. I chose the song Alien Girl from his first album “Brave Tales” (1983, Survival Records). With a nice rhythm and funky sound, this will keep you going all night long.

8. Insect Flak – obscure UK-group that mix wave elements with raw and dark synth-pop. Were featured on the V/A – Rumponia An Answer Within (1982, Rumpo Records), with a bunch of other great bands. The song that I’ve chosen is sinister beyond belief and the sound scape is raving through my headphones. A given one, Theme From Flesh.

7. Low Class – slow and somewhat gloomy minimal wave from Belgium. The man behind the synthesizers is Henk Wallays, also known as Unovidual which is most known for the collaboration with Tara Cross. But he also goes under the alias Metal Thought. The song I’ve chosen is The Alienation Ballade from the compilation 1994 (1984, Etiquette Records), also featured on a bootleg, unofficial release and re-issued compilation by the name Genotypes. I liked this song because of the fact that it’s dripping with melancholy, but still manages to keep the electronica interesting.

6. Mekanik Kommando – out of tune and off-beat experimental minimal wave in effect with a hint of new wave. A group coming out of Nijmegen, the Netherlands, consisting of these members: Jack Kaat, Laszlo Panyigay (Güler, TPO, Ulanbator), Peter van Vliet (The* Use Of Ashes) and his brother Simon van Vliet (The* Use Of Ashes). The song that I’ve chosen is Microbes from the album “It Would Be Quiet In The Woods If Only A Few Birds Sing” (1981, Torso), because in all its simplicity it manages to blend the experimental elements with the vocals in an interesting fashion.

5. Minny Pops – blip-blop, monotonous and dark. This time also from Holland, spending some time in the cold wave field. Consisting of various members since the 1980’s and disbanding shortly thereafter. Two of the members, namely Pieter Mulder and Wim Dekker have also been in the group Smalts. Wim was also a part of Street Life with another member from Minny Pops, namely Wally Wan Middendorp – who also played in a dutch punk band called Tits. Minny Pops was also recorded under the alias White Birds for a christmas release. I managed to settle with a minimal wave song. I chose the song Time from their single with the same name “Time” (1982, Factory Benelux). It keeps itself minimalistic, but stays partly developed throughout the whole track. A total bliss for your ears.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips from Invisible Guy. This is the end of Part I.

I hope that I will see you again on Part II which will be published on Tuesday.

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