Interview with Tiger Bell!

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Tiger Bell is a cheerleader-punkband hailing (mostly) from Luleå but also Stockholm. They’re a four-piece consisting of: Lotta, Lisa, Canan and Lovisa. Up until now they’ve released two demos and are re-releasing their second one German Boys And Others, the digital version is up and the physical is coming in the end of May. Right now they’re writing material for their upcoming debutalbum. They’ve also been featured on vol. 4 of the immensly popular Turist I Tillvaron-compilation from Sweden. I asked them some questions about their band, their latest and upcoming releases, where they find their inspiration and much more. Don’t miss out on this one, kids!

Hello Tiger Bell! Could you tell me about yourselves? Where did you first start out?

– Hello! Tiger Bell became a band in September 2010 after Lisa, Lovisa and Lotta (ex-Rewind) moved from the northern parts of Sweden to Stockholm. They needed a bassplayer to form a complete band and in Stockholm they found Canan (former bassplayer of Fare You Well and guitarist in Satirnine).

In what way do you think your earlier band-experiences have influenced this one?

– Our former bands have absolutely influenced Tiger Bell. Both Satirnine and Rewind played similar music. And I also think that the fact that we’ve been in other bands before has made us better songwriters. We have had time to practice our songwriting skills so to speak.

What would you say is the main thing that separates you from other pop-punk bands?

– Probably the fact that we’re girls and doing what we’re best at.. which is being girly. Everyone has heard three chord pop-punk songs before but one Tiger Bell sigil is definitely the girly and repetitive backup vocals

You’re also featured on the upcoming Turist I Tillvaron Vol. 4, congratulations! Could you tell me more about this? What do you think about the song you’re contributing with?

– Mmm, it truly is lovely! We got an email from Mikael Sörling that wanted us to contribute with a song on volume 4. Couldn’t say no to that! Funny story is also that Sörling was one of the first to review Satirnines first demotape in Close-up magazine (which was back in the late 90’s!). The song Na Na Na is one of our best punksongs we’ve ever written. It’s fast, simple with girly and cheesy lyrics. The kind we love the most!

So the latest news is that you’re releasing your first 7¨ ever with the tracks Wanna Wanna and German Boy, when is the release date? How long have you worked on this release?

– Digital release was set to 14th of May, so we’re up on Spotify, ITunes and Wimp as we speak! But the “real release” will happen when some german boys delievers a fantastic good looking and good sounding orange 7 inch in the end of May. You’re so gonna want to buy it! We’ve been planning this release a couple of months now. It’s amazing it’s finally happening.

Will this one be self-released or are you releasing it on any label?

– We’re releasing it ourselves with a little help from our management.

So what other bands have inspired you the most?

– We’re into all kinds of music and therefore inspiration comes from various directions. We love bands that play high energetic pop/punk/rockmusic as we do. Probably should mention bands like The Hives, Randy and Jet.

Where do you normally find the inspiration for the material that you write?

– Inspiration is found in things that are happening in our lives and in things that are not happening in our lives. Sometimes you write songs when you’re absolutely furious and sometimes when you’re extremely happy about something.

Pure aesthetically, it’s quite obvious that you’re quite inspired by the baseball-culture and cheerleading – but where do you normally seek your inspiration for this?

– We like color. We like movement. We play up tempo music, happy music. And it’s important that it shows.

What do you have to say about the material you’ve released so far? Which song do you like the most?

– We’re extremely proud that we’ve written and recorded 13 songs since we started playing as a band. I think each member has their own personal favorites and also for different reasons so I’d say overall, we like all of the songs equally.

Do you have any funny in-studio anecdotes that you’d like to share?

– We don’t do anything else than working hard when we’re in the studio. But we recorded our last demo in 22 hours. That is seven songs in 22 hours. That was crazy.

You’re quite a new band to begin with, but do you have any plans for future material? Are you writing anything new?

– We’re writing songs for a debutalbum that we’re planning on recording this fall.

Will you also be doing something new with your old release Tiger Bell EP?

– We’re not sure yet. We like many of the old songs. But there’s no special plan for that (yet).

What do you think have been your best show up until now and which one have been the worst?

– Hmmm… really hard to say. I don’t think we’ve had any worst show up until now (which is good). All shows are different and it’s hard to compare between shows. Sometimes the smallest shows with 20 people in the audience are as awesome as playing in front of thousands of people.

It seems like you’ve gotten quite a head start, being picked up on Its A Trap! and other blogs – what does this mean for an unsigned band?

– Bloggers are important for small bands like ourselves. They can spread the word faster than any record label in the world can. And that is so cool!

What do you prefer to do when you’re not with the band?

– Rest. Ha ha. All of us are still studying or/and working fulltime.

What other new and upcoming bands would you sincerely recommend?

– Port Noir, Side Effects, Nelson Can.

Have there been any labels that wanted to sign you recently? Or are you going to find one soon?

– I can guarantee you Tiger Bell is going to have a label sometime. When, what, who, where are other questions I can’t answer you now.

What do you think is the best thing about being in a band – and primarily, being in Tiger Bell?

– Playing music is far by the best thing we now. The adrenaline rush when you get to play your own music in front of a crowd is amazing. Being in Tiger Bell is also amazing. We’re close, taking care of each other and looking out for each other. And we share the same ambitions!

So what’s your outlook on 2012 besides everything you’ve already mentioned? What’s happening in the coming months?

– We’ll play a couple of shows (and hopefully a couple more). Besides that we’ll focus on writing new songs and record them. I don’t know if 2012 has anything else in mind for us. Only time will tell I guess. But that is our plans.

Thank you for this interview! Do you have any last words?

– Keep yourselves updated about our band at and since we’re into social media you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

What band do you think I should interview next and what would you want me to ask them?

– You should interview Port Noir. And ask why they are always so secretive when posting statuses on Facebook. It bugs me. Ha ha.

Listen to their first demoalbum Tiger Bell EP here:

Listen to their second demoalbum German Boys And Others here:

You can also find them over here:







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