Interview with Thräshers!

Thräshers is a four-piece hardcoreband inspired by 80’s american hc/90’s swedish hc. Blending in the best elements of the oldschool, but still keeping it real. They’ve been featured on both the Dimmorna Skingras compilation, Turist I Tillvaron vol. 3 and last but not least: Hotet Från Skogarna. This is the eightht and last band in this serie of interviews from Hotet Från Skogarna, so make sure you read this one. I asked Jocke and Emil from the band about their upcoming release, how they’d throw a party, their opinion of the swedish hardcore-scene, a documentary they made a song for and much more. Tune in for the final interview in the Hotet Från Skogarna-serie, you will not be disappointed.

What other bands have you been playing with before Thräshers? Could you tell me something we don’t already know about you?
Jocke: – Name dropping is so boring, all of us have been/are playing in various bands. I’m starting to get gray hairs in my beard and I’m a total sucker for chick flicks.

Emil: – I work as a professional body piercer and right know I am a tattoo apprentice. I played with Slaves to the grind and Ana Barata before Thräshers.

How would Thräshers throw a real party? What odd things would be included?
Jocke: – I think it would be something in between the party scene when Red Hot Chili Peppers play live in the movie Thrashin’ and a furry festival (with humans dressed up in animal costumes). We would have seven zombie dwarves serving non alcoholic beer/drinks + free pea soup and pancakes for everyone. All decoration by Pogger and Fenriz of Darkthrone would rule the DJ booth spinning the ultimate collection of tokmangel. The whole party should have been hosted by Karl Pilkington, Sailor Karlsson and the ghost of Onkel Kånkel. No cell-phones would be allowed! Does it sound like a party you would have liked to miss?

Emil: – We would get together and make some kick-ass dinner and play board games.

What do you think about the music industry, in what way has it affected you? What’s positive and what’s negative about it?
Jocke: – Couldn’t care less about the “music industry”, do it yourself, that’s the only way. Really can’t see anything positive with being used and exploited by fat greedy pigs who don’t give a fuck if you play R&B or Metal as long as they make money from it.

If you had to categorize yourselves, where would you fit? What is the essence of your band?
Jocke: – We play hardcore, plain and simple. Influenced by the U.S. scene in the 80’s and the swedish hardcore/raw punk scene in the late 90’s. We have no direct essence or agenda that we live by except “faster than death harder than life”.

Emil: – Play fast, die hard!

What would you say is the number one thing that pisses you off right now?
Jocke: – Humanity, my longtime number one enemy.

Emil: – All the money our town spends on shit that only a small group of people will enjoy. You can take the same amount of money to do some good, that everybody can enjoy!

Is your music driven in any way by politics? If so, in what way?
Jocke: – We are not a political band in its true sense, but we gladly enlighten and inform people about what we think and feel. All you do, say and think is more or less political. Or is it not? I used to be more politically active when I was younger, still do what I can and can cope with.

Will you be releasing any new stuff in the near future?
Jocke: – We had plans of recording five tracks for a 5” the next upcoming 1-2 weeks and we still have the 12” to do. Not sure if that will ever happen now since the future for Thräshers is at this point very uncertain.

Emil: – Right now, we don’t really know.

How do you think you’ve developed your sound since your first release?
Jocke: – For the better, I hope. Hehe. At least I think so. First recording was quite primitive, we used lousy equipment (our choice) and combo amps with no pedals, pretty much all songs were one takes. We had just finished the 7” recording with Brottskod 11 and since both me and Emil played in BK-11 at that time we just used the same settings. We started the recording around eight o’ clock at night and we were all done around three in the morning. Last recording we did at least I gave the sound an extra thought before entering the studio. I think it sounds more compact and well-made.

Where have you been playing so far and what have been your best live-experience?
Emil: – We have done a few shows in our hometown, also we have been in Luleå and Umeå. The best experience for me was our show at Kafé 44. It was real nice! But, it is always fun to be on the road and play live, no matter what!

In comparison, what release do you think is the best one you’ve made so far?
Jocke: – The flexi 7” no doubt, but the songs for the documentary “bastardized” turned out fucking amazing too!

Emil: – The flexi 7″.

When recording in the studio, what do you usually begin to record? Do you have any funny anecdotes from the in-studio recording?
Jocke: – We always start with drums and bass, then lead guitars + adds. Last but not least all the vocals, first P-O, then backups. Something that’s common with all recordings we have done so far is that P-O is never finished with the lyrics, even if he knows about it like four month ahead. That’s quite funny, but at the same time very annoying. Somehow he always manages to save the situation and in the end the lyrics and vocal arrangement is top notch. P-O is never satisfied with his performance, no matter how many times I tell him its kick-ass, until he hears the final mix.

Emil: – We do all the drums first, sometimes the bass together with the drums. Sometimes we also do some of the songs on spot!

So you’re going to be featured on the upcoming compilation Hotet Från Skogarna, what do you think about the concept? Could you tell me something about the two songs you’re contributing with?
Jocke: – I think it’s a really good concept, bands get together and support and help each other for the benefit of all bands. Although I would have liked to see more commitment from everyone that’s involved in this project, not only a group of 5-10. If there ever will be a volume two, which I hope, I would like to have some changes. Emil was in a car accident just the week before we recorded so Micke (the drummer in The Dead) was so kind and helped us out. On the first track you will hear a little more experimental side of Thräshers, while track two is straight forward mangel the way it should be.

What new and upcoming bands would you recommend for the readers?
Jocke: – You can start with checking up these six “new” acts: Swarm, Terokal, Effluxus, Parasit, Last and March of the hordes. In time, keep an extra eye open for Korsfäst.

You’ve written on your Facebook that you’ve made a song for a documentary, could you tell me anything about it? What will the documentary be about?
Jocke: – Not really. I’ve only seen the trailer, and it got lots and lots of as we call it in Swedish “vrålåk” in it. I got the request from Andreas (Thank you satan) who wrote me that he and his brother searching for bands/friends that wanna participate with songs in this upcoming documentary. He helped me (and some of the bands I play in) out a few times in the past and now it was my/our time to give something back in return for our gratitude. Check this link for further info:

Which band on the compilation Hotet Från Skogarna are you most fond of?
Jocke: – Every band has something that appeals to me, but personally I think there is too little distortion and d-beat in general. Grundskolan was a new experience, so I think they surprised me the most. Think that the songs on their demo tape is much better though, I would recommend you all to buy it when it’s still available.

Emil: – Every single one.

Could you tell me more about your contribution to the Turist I Tillvaron nr. 3? Why were you included in the first place?
Jocke: – Sörling, which makes the compilation, got a drop off in the very last minute so he mailed me and asked if we had any songs to spare. We had one unreleased tracks from the flexi 7” recording session so that was perfect. I’m glad we got the request and we never hesitated to participate.

When you’re not out playing or recording stuff for upcoming albums or compilations, what do you enjoy doing?
Jocke: – Drinking coffee, reading books, doing puzzles, playing bingo car, cooking and walking.

Emil: – Well, playing and all that is the number one doing. But if not, I like to just be at home watching a horror movie with my girl or my friends. Just get together and relax. I also enjoy to take a beer or two.

Could you recommend any place in Sweden that not many people know about, that you like very much?
Jocke: – Gröndalen, my history and heritage. I love the silence, solitude and the beautiful nature. Hiking metal punk forever.

What would be your favorite band from the Swedish hardcore-scene?
Jocke: – Of all times? Damn, that’s a hard one. I think I would say Mob 47, Anti Cimex, and Disfear. Ask me tomorrow and I’ll probably give you three other different names. Haha. At present time I would say Giftgasattack and Herätys.

Emil: – That’s really hard, but I really like Refused and Raised fist.

If you had to choose one favorite album – which album would it be?
Jocke: – It’s like asking which of your children you like best, it is impossible. Some albums that I often return to is Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath two first, Dischange “Seeing feeling bleeding”, Darkthrone “The cult is alive”, Looptroop “Modern day city symphony”, Neurosis “Times of grace”, Randy “You can’t keep a good band down”, Lauryn Hill “Unplugged”, everything with Creedence and Disclose… blah blah blah.

What is your opinion about the Swedish hardcore-scene? What is positive and what is negative about it?
Jocke: – I say like a guy from London said to me just this last weekend “Love punk, hate punks”. There are obviously plenty of positive things with it; otherwise I wouldn’t stick around. Lately I’ve seen the scene divided into a bunch of small groups, why not join forces, support each other and fight the true evil? Instead of fight each other I think we should wake up and take a look at how today’s society and political/economic situation really looks like. Never been a fan of the so called “scene police” rules. I become a punk from the very first beginning to do whatever whenever, not to be told what to do and not to. No masters, no gods. But in general, I really shouldn’t complain, we have a strong growing scene and most of us are like one big quite happy family.

Have you gained any die-hard fans recently?
Emil: – We have one friend that have a Thräshers tattoo, that’s really cool!

What would be your favorite food, what do Thräshers normally eat?
Emil: – Coffee and tobacco.

Are you meateaters or vegetarians?
Jocke: – Both, we eat what is offered. I used to be a vegetarian, my girlfriend still am so we always cook vegetarian/vegan food at home. I’m absolutely no extreme meat-eater, and even if it feels like shit to eat chicken, fish, cows and pigs I do it. I support all kind of animal rights although it may seem like double standards.

What alcohol do you prefer to consume? Or are you straight-edge?
Jocke: – I have been sober for almost three years now, it actually feels really good and I don’t miss it at all, quite the contrary. I save lots of cash that I can put on more sensible things, like releasing punk records for example. I know for a fact that I will drink beer in the future since I love a cold beer a hot summer day. So I would not call myself sXe just because I’ve been sober this long. For all of us as a band, some drink and some don’t.

Could you tell me anything about your 6-track flexi-release? Do you have any anecdotes about it? Did it turn out the way you wanted it to?
Jocke: – You’re asking the wrong guy, my memory isn’t the best any longer. Barley know what year it is, less what I did yesterday. As far as I remember it was a very hard and painful recording and it took much longer than we expected. The truth is that I just wanted to quit the band after two days in the studio, for real. But in the end, as always, I think it turned out just the way we wanted it and I am glad I/we continued and completed the recording.

What would you prefer: vinyl or tape?
Jocke: Vinyl anytime, but rather tape then CD or digital downloads.

Emil: – Both have their charms.

Thank you for this interview! Do you have any last words of thrashing-wisdom?
Jocke: – It is we who should thank you for your interest and support. “Don’t do anything by half. If you love someone, love them with all your soul. When you go to work, work your ass off. When you hate someone, hate them until it hurts”.

Check out their musicvideo for the song Under Bron here:

Do also check out their 6 track flexi 7¨ over here:

You can also find them here:


Hotet Från Skogarna blogspot:



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