Interview with Thräshers!

Thräshers is a four-piece hardcoreband inspired by 80’s american hc/90’s swedish hc. Blending in the best elements of the oldschool, but still keeping it real. They’ve been featured on both the Dimmorna Skingras compilation, Turist I Tillvaron vol. 3 and last but not least: Hotet Från Skogarna. This is the eightht and last band in this serie of interviews from Hotet Från Skogarna, so make sure you read this one. I asked Jocke and Emil from the band about their upcoming release, how they’d throw a party, their opinion of the swedish hardcore-scene, a documentary they made a song for and much more. Tune in for the final interview in the Hotet Från Skogarna-serie, you will not be disappointed.

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