Interview with Heroinmissbruk!

Heroinmissbruk (former Antistortion) consists of a wide range of swine. Each of them have different tasks. Svin D (Nuclear Bass), Svin H (D-Beat King), Svin S (Roar), Svin A (Angst scream and Panic Guitar) and Svin K (Guitar/Fahr/Peter Griffin). They appear to have some kind of faiblesse for the former DDR-regime of Germany. They’ve primarily released material as a contribution to the compilation Hotet Från Skogarna, where they will be featured. This is number five of eight in the series, focusing on the eight different bands of this compilation. I cleared some things up with the swines on DDR, why they are working class, what it means to them, when they’re releasing new material and much more. Don’t miss this.

Why did you decide to change your name from Antistortion to Heroinmissbruk? Who are you guys? Also, have you played in any other band before?

– We had a song with that name and thought it sounded good. Anti-stortion were a band back in the 90’s and when the last original member, the singer, thought about quitting the namechange felt right. We are four pissed off guys how never grew up, likes to get drunk and has a fetish for working class East Germany. We all play in different bands besides Heroinmissbruk. Djävulsskap, Bulletsize & Harassed to name a few.

Some of your members are also active in Djävulskap, how do you manage?

– It’s not that difficult really. It’s called planning ahead.

What are you planning to do about this sick society?

– It’s not that much too do really, besides waiting for the right people to start a revolution. We are too old and too fat besides giving the soundtrack to that revolution with
our music. People in the future will praise the model society East Germany and Erich Honecker and what it stood for. Just wait and see.

According to your Facebook you seem pretty interested in DDR – why is that so?

– As we all in the band are working class, we have studied what went wrong with communism, and why vulgar liberal conservative thoughts now rule the materialistic hellhole called Western Europe and the US of fuckin´A. East Germany was lovingly guarded by the great Mother Russia, but not directly ruled by Moscow, and that gave the East Germans a chance to build up a “lighter” version of the more violent Russian communism. Stasi a more moderate version of KGB had a steady and firm control of the people but has been given a bad rap. It is necessary to guard the working class vision from more liberal tendencies who in the long run split up the masses into “us and them”. Stasi and Honecker did together create a harsh, grey but fare classless society, the closest one to a working class utopia.

Would you consider yourselves to be a political band?

– Yes.

Do you have any certain release planned for the near future? Also, where will you be playing live?

– We have plans for recordings this summer. Besides playing the 1st of June, with the release of the “Hotet från Skogarna”, there is not anything planned with Heroinmissbruk for the moment.

What do you think about the compilation that you’re featured on, namely Hotet Från Skogarna? Could you tell me more about the two songs you’re contributing with?

– I think it’s a great idea that should be spread all around Sweden. There is probably a lot of good bands around that should be getting attention. The two songs on the
compilation is not about politic as such. “Aprak och full av hat” is about getting pissed off and drinking loads of alcohol. “Blandmissbruk” is about hoplessness in a dead

Do you guys really have a genuine working-class background? Guess I’ll see you out working your asses off out in the field?

– Yes we are, and proud of it. No one has a university degree, pushing papers around. We all work our asses of in taking care of the eldery and people who are disabled. Two of us are nurses and one of us is a “personal assistance”. Our drummer, works as a sound engineer.

Would you consider yourselves to be trve?

– We are true to our working class background, with a hard working-etic, the only way for the working class in getting back the proudness of a once strong movement. Not faking our goals for a better future for the class we and our parents and grandparents always has belonged to, is important. Not some fucking rich kid-revolution, doing some pathetic revolt against their filthy rich upper middleclass-parents, before settling down as a lawyer in some middle-class suburb with a homewife, two kids, two cars and a fucking pool in the backyard.

Could you describe how you tend to make your material? What is the first thing that comes to mind? What would you consider to be your influences musically?

– Alcohol is always a great inspiration for getting started in writing something. Just reading the papers, seeing the news and feeling the inner turmoil gets you started on a topic or a feeling. There is lots of stuff that pisses you off. There is no denying that almost all of us comes from a mainly metal background. Musically there is the first three Venom-albums. Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. Grindcore stuff like Righteous Pigs, Defecation and early Napalm Death with Lee . Filthy Christians. Stuff like Anti-cimex, Disfear, Loud Pipes. Extreme Noise Terror. Prophecy of Doom. Amebix, Axegrinder. Early primitive death metal like Repulsion, Necrophagia, Autopsy. Terrorizer. Early Bathory of course.

When you’re back in your hometown, what do you prefer to do? Do you have any places to recommend?

– This is a small town. There are mostly jocks and idiots here, so there are not many places to go to. Tingshuset is were the most intresting concerts takes place. Too bad there is no alcohol alowed there. Storsjöteatern has started to do some punk/metal shows lately though, and there is a bar.

Do you have any fanzine that you prefer to read?

– We mostly read books and the newspapers nowdays. There is a young kid playing old school thrash in a band called Hypertension here in Östersund (great btw), who is putting out a paper-fanzine called Power Thrashing Death. Recommended of yout into “real” thrash/death/metal.

What would be your number one all-time favorite album if you had to choose?

– Welcome to Hell – Venom.

Could you tell me why Swine D and Swine K gets all the exposure? What is the name of the other swine?

– Because Swine A and Swine H is slightly retarded.

What band do you prefer from the Hotet Från Skogarna compilation?

– Brottskod 11 always deliver along with Thräshers. The Dead also always kicks ass.

How would you translate Hotet Från Skogarna so it doesn’t sound silly?

– Moloken.

What do you think about David Bowie?

– His early 70’s glam/outerspace stuff is pretty good.

Could you tell me the basic idea behind Hotet Från Skogarna beyond the fact that it’s a compilation?

– Giving exposure to bands that otherwise wouldn’t get any or little exposure otherwise. Together we’re strong, just like the ideas of a strong and proud working class.

What do you think about Aftonbladet?

– It’s the worst kind of journalism, alongside Expressen. It’s not even journalism, it’s trash, for slightly retarded people who wants entertainment and scandals, not news. It
rots your brain.

If you were to become a music-journalist for one day – what would you do?

– Do a three-part serie about GG Allin.

What kind of alcohol do you prefer?

– Smirnoff and Southern Comfort.

Since you’ve played live sometimes – what would be your favorite venue? And, what have been your favorite live-experience?

– We have never played live as Heroinmissbruk before. Storsjöteatern the 1st of June will be the first time. On a personal note, playing live in a steelcage with a band called Ramrods was pretty sweet. Loads of drunken hillbillys climbing the cage, screaming, spilling beer, falling down. They were everywere, drunk as hell but not able too get in. Chaotic and fun as hell.

What place in Sweden do you think is the most beautiful?

– I don’t like open spaces and flat landscapes like Skåne. Living by the sea and all that shit. A hilly landscape, lots of trees and mountains is the shit. Looking out over Storsjön seeing mile after mile of spruce and then the mighty mountains in the distance, now that is beautiful.

Do you have any certain ritual you prefer to utilize before you go on-stage?

– Besides taking a shit?

What would you say that you supply musically?

– Not much probably, something most wannabe musicians should be aware of. If it moves someone, thats fine, and you should be proud. Mostly, music is an ego-boost for most of people, even if they don’t wanna admit it.

Thank you for letting me interview you! Do you have any final thoughts?

– Check us out on Facebook.

Check out this clip of them in the studio:

You can also find them over here:



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