Interview with The Dead!

The Dead is a punkband from Härjedalen in Sweden. They’re about as secretive as the other two bands that already have been published. They’ve managed to record some songs up until now and are preparing material for their upcoming album. This is the sixth band in the Hotet Från Skogarna-interviewserie. I spoke to them about the origins of their bandname, what the best venue would be, where they draw their inspiration from and much more. Check this out before you’ve all gone astray!

Why have you chosen the name The Dead? Could you tell me more about yourselves? Have you played in any other band prior to this one?

– Dead people everywhere, still walking though, to work and other must-do things they find
useless and boring as hell. We’re all robots, that’s what the Dead is about. We have played together in lots of different bands when growing up. When we started The Dead none of us were in a band, so we just thought it was time to kick it again.

You’ve also been interviewed by SVT (Swedish Television), could you tell me more about it

– We’re friends with Jose who made the story so he hung out with us in the studio that day

What do you think about skating, it seems like you’re pretty interested in it?

– Yep we skate a lot, the best of times!

Right now you’ve released five songs since April? Still searching for a label willing to pick
you up?

– Too early to tell any details but I think it’s time to look forward for a full-length album from
The Dead in the time around September. Super stoked!

What do you think about the compilation named Hotet Från Skogarna that you’re featured on? Could you also tell me something about the two songs you’re contributing with?

– It was right after we’d been recording our own promo so we didn’t have any songs in store, so we
were in rehersal, picking up some riffs and writing lyrics just the days before going in the studio. That’s how we create our music, jamming til’ we got a song out of it.

You’ve had four releases up until now – in what way would you compare them with each other?
Which one is your favorite?

– Think our upcoming release is far better stuff than any of the older releases, they differ pretty
much, trying different things until now when we know how The Dead are to sound.

In what way do you think you’ve evolved since your first release?

– It’s a lot more energy and edge in the music now, playing together a few years makes for a tight band and now we can push just one chord along making it swing and just sound The Dead. Cut down on crap and go straight ahead!

What would you say is your best live-experience of all the shows you’ve played up until now?

– One time when doing a gig in Åre, sounded like shit, after the gig we ended up throwing beers and fists at each other, The Dead was fucking dead that night. Til’ we sobered up and hugged each other off course, we’re in love with each other the four of us, relations and conflicts. We’ve been doing some kick-ass gigs as well. We played in Oslo once at Housemania when Creatures skatevid Hesh-law had it’s premiere, really great, punkrock and skate. Get off stage and drop in the ramps, good party that night as well. Boatgig at thomee was chaos and superfun. Thanks to the people setting up liveshows! Keep kicking it kickazz!

Could you describe the music that you make? Why would you want to listen to it?

– As we sound now, it’s naked, less dist, less screaming, nothing added but when all together it punch your teeths out but still makes you wanna dance!

What would be your main influence musically, what do you generally draw your inspiration from?

– Inspiration is all over in everything you do, see, hear and so on, good things and the crappy. Down strokes influence us, going down, down, down. Midnight fire.

So, what can you tell me about your hometown? Where do you usually hang around when in town? Any cool places you must visit when you’re there for the first time?

– Our own handmade skatebowl Shitlife and the ramp under the bridge are the shit in Östersund, it’s the answer to all three questions.

What do you think about the Swedish hardcore-scene? What is positive about it and what is negative about it?

– It’s a good scene, haven’t thought about what’s bad about it. What up!

In general there seems to be a great surge of hardcore and punk bands from the north of Sweden, why do you think it’s like that?

– We haven’t really thought about it. Maybe because the financials and the politics have gone all wrong and people are starting to wake up and wanna get their voice heard.

We’re also getting a taste of your future release on YouTube, could you tell me something we don’t already know? How is it progressing?

– It’s going really good but it’s not official yet. We’re going to hang out in Rissna to record and make  more songs.

You’ve also been featured on the mythical Swedish torrent site named The Pirate Bay, could you tell me more about that?

– They were doing that “promo bay”-thing and our drummer Micke send some stuff over and then it was set in stone. The Piratebay crew are good people, doing the right thing. Our shit-government changes laws and monitor everything in order to protect their profits. They can go fuck themselves.

Where would your music be the most fitting? In what scenery?

– In the streets, yao.

Have anyone actually mentioned that you sound a bit like The Kristet Utseende?

– What?! I said what, what in the butt?!

When you’re out playing on venues, do you have any certain ritual you prefer to do before getting on stage?

– We had a period when their we’re a lot of pooping before getting on stage. Soft dooties. Hard work.

Have you gained any die-hard fans yet?

– EEE-man is our biggest fan. Love to him.

What new and upcoming bands would you sincerely recommend to the readers?

– We’re still waiting for a local band called Shitfucks, first release.

Do you have any all-time favorite album that always follows you around?

Neil Young – Everybody knows this is nowhere. Bob Dylan always hangs around. White light, white heat, white trash with Social Distortion and Temple of boom with Cypress Hill. There’s so much good music out there it’s hard to pick one.

What do you find to be the single most depressing or fucked up thing about today’s society?

– Neoliberalism. Not sure about the English, excuse my French. “Nyliberalism” in Swedish.

So this project that you’re involved with, namely Hotet Från Skogarna seems to be pretty much D.I.Y? What do you think about this culture? Is it seeing a rise in popularity lately?

– We’ve always done it the D.I.Y-way, but now its trendy so the word is well used. We never really thought about it. Stop talking, get the work done.

What would be your number one venue where you’d like to play at?

– Where ever there’s a good hang, it’s a good gig!

Thank you for this interview! Do you have any final words of judgment?

– Cheers to our fifth member Robin in Rissna. Yao! See you in a few weeks, building a ramp, having a blast. Good time! Peace out. And also, fuck off Alliansen your time will soon be over.

 /Larsån & P-O

Check out the teaser of the songs from their upcoming album:

You can also find them here:

Hotet Från Skogarna blogspot:



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