Interview with Djävulskap!

Djävulskap (or Devilry, in english) is a punkband from Frösön, that also draw influences from black metal. These fellows are pretty secretive too, but that doesn’t prevent them from creating mayhem. They’re planning on a release for late summer and they’re more then ready to wreak havoc on your nearest venue. I spoke to the little devils about their band, about hardcore, drinking beer and much more. Tune in for the fifth interview of a band from the Hotet Från Skogarna compilation.

Why did you pick the band-name Djävulskap? I saw that you’ve also got some member from Heroinmissbruk? Could you tell me more about the history of the band Djävulskap? Who are you?

– It sounds cool and evil, we’re neither. Our singer (Daniel) is the bass player in Heroinmissbruk and we also stole their drummer fair and square. We all played and still play in various bands around town. We all got together cause we wanted to play something catchy and heavy.

You say you’re influenced by Black Metal? In what way? Have you ever had corpsepaint?

– Hugo, our drummer has done that from time to time, but not in this band though. Daniel likes to be semi-covered in blood on various occasions. We like the brutality and the punk feel that some black metal has. The scene is fascinating in many ways but we do not wear corpse-paint and we don’t worship some goat.

What do you like the most about hardcore? What do you think about the Swedish hardcore-scene?

– The energy and that it’s more about writing good songs rather then showing your skills on your instrument. The scene was amazing. And there are some good bands left.

So you’re in the midst of recording your “first” material, how does it feel? Could you tell me anything about how you do it? What do you do first? Are you satisfied with the result so far?

– Feels good. We record everything in our guitarists studio. We do it the “normal way”. Drums first etc.Will start recording an EP in the beginning of summer. It’s gonna sound like a mixture between the strip in 1984 and Oslo -97. So far we´re satisfied.

What could you tell me about Frösön? What do you usually do when you’re in town? Could you recommend any sweet place to hang out? Any good restaurant, pub or venue?

– It’s the best island in the country. We only have one pub and it’s not great. No venue. No impressive restaurants. But the rest is awesome. Not too many people. It’s a great place for long walks and a great place for song writing since nothing else happens.

You’re one of the lucky ones to be featured on Hotet Från Skogarna, could you tell me how it came to be? What is your opinion about it? What would you say about the songs you’re contributing with for the compilation?

– A compilation is always awesome. When it’s on vinyl it’s even more awesome. We´re proud to be part of it and I think we contribute with some balls.

What upcoming or new releases would you sincerely recommend to the readers?

– Kvelertak is entering the studio in August. Turboneger will release their new album June 13th. The upcoming release of norweigan sitcom Dag the 2nd season will soon hit the stores, and Satyricon will play in Gävle this summer. Hail Norway.

If you had to pick, what would be your all-time favorite album? 

– Impossible to answer. Speaking only for myself, I’d say there’s nothing left to lose by Foo Fighters. But no one else would agree.

What would you say is your main influence for your music? Other musicians, nature, anger, fear or anything else?

– Anger and location.

Do you have any album or EP that you’re really ashamed of having in your music-collection? 

– No.

What would be a great night if Djävulskap had to decide what to do? 

– Rehearse for hours and then go home and sleep. There’s always a tomorrow and you probably have to be focused on something. Except for Hugo, he’s a little rebel.

How would you translate the compilation Hotet Från Skogarna to English without making it sound silly?

– Can’t translate it without making it sound silly. Only works in Swedish.

Where is the prettiest place in Sweden considering the nature and surroundings?

– Any country-side in Jämtland. Pretty much everywhere outside the city.

Could you tell me why it’s named Hotet Från Skogarna and not something else? What does it symbolize?

– There was another compilation a couple of years ago that was called Hoppen Från Skogarna so we sort of took that. (Hopp meaning hope and Hot meaning threat).

Where are you standing in the picture representing you on the Hotet Från Skogarna blogspot? Where is it? 

– We still don’t have any good pictures.

So, where do you think you’ll be in the near future? Are you going to do any shows? 

– Finish the EP and then do shows. So the apocalypse presented by Djävulskap is probably coming to a venue near you this fall!

Will your first release come out this year? Do you have anything special in mind?

– Yes! Late summer. It will be dark and sexy and worth waiting for.

Could you tell me anything about the three best shows you’ve ever been to? What bands were playing then?

– Those concerts are still to come and we will play them. If not, Foo Fighters at hovet 2004, Qotsa in sthlm 2008. There is no third one yet.

What new and upcoming bands would you sincerely recommend the readers to check out?

– Don’t know any new bands.

Do you drink beer or are you totally straight-edge?

– Totally drink beer.

Thank you for letting me interview you! Do you have any final words about Hotet Från Skogarna or something wise you’d like to say?

– Thank you for showing interest. Much appreciated.

Check out this clip from their recording for Hotet Från Skogarna:

You can also find them over here:


Hotet Från Skogarna blogspot:

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