Interview with Brottskod 11!

Brottskod 11 is a punk/d-beat band from Östersund consisting of Nisse (shouting), Gy (roaring), Fredrik (screaming), Micke (guitar), Johan (guitar) and Emil (drums). They’ve been featured on the Turist i Tillvaron nr. 2 sampler with a bunch of other great bands. They’ve also been on a tour, which you’ll find out later in the interview. And, they’re featured on a new compilation named Hotet Från Skogarna. These interviews are themed by that compilation. They’ve got a bunch of material on their Bandcamp. This band is the second one of eight in these series of interviews. I got the opportunity to interview them, and a bunch of them answered my questions. I asked them about their band, the tour, the music industry and much more. Tune in for the second one in these series!

You’re probably one of the more well-known bands, but could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your history? Why did you pick the name Brottskod 11?

Johan: – Well, we’re a Käng/Crustband from Östersund and we’ve been around for about a year now. We’ve had a lot of members coming and going although we’ve not been around that long and some of us (Fredrik) are already on their second time of service in BK. Emil’s actually the only founding member left in the band now. As you probably understand he’s not that easy to work with, hehe. We’ve recorded some songs, our demotape ”Levande död”, 7” (s/t) and some tracks on compilations released this far, and played some shows since we started and that’s what we plan to keep doing. The code stands for crimes sanctioned by the state.

When you’re in-studio, what do you prefer to do first? In what way do you think you’ve evolved in-studio since you started out? Could you tell me about your most satisfying moment in-studio?

Johan: – We record drums and bass first, usually together. Then we lay down guitars followed by screams and fancy solos. Sometimes, as when we recorded our 7¨, we also work on material in the studio since we’ve been too lazy to get it all together before it’s time to record. Don’t know how we evolved really, I actually think the recording session of the first tape was a good one. I like it when it’s done fast and that’s how we did that one. That’s satisfying too, to be done before you know it.

Together with a bunch of other bands you’ll be featured on the compilation Hotet Från Skogarna, how do you feel about it? Could you tell me more about the songs you’re contributing with?

Johan: – We feel really good about it. I think the record turned out great. Our songs are straightforward crustpunk BK-style. One’s about the police and the others about how your class affects how you will be judged by the law. This society is a fucked up one.

What label would you sincerely recommend to any new and awesome but unsigned band?

Johan: – Phobia records, Mirek’s the man!

Have you learned anything new in the process with Hotet Från Skogarna?

Emil: – That you can do something great like this compilation, if you just want to. There are people out there that want to do similar stuff, so just do it!

What do you think about the basic concept?

Brottskod 11: – It’s Grrreat!

What do you think about the state of hardcore as it is now? What’s your opinion about the Swedish scene? What’s positive and what’s negative about it

Johan: – I think it’s alive and kicking in teeth, feels like I hear new kickass groups almost every day. The Swedish scene is really good, lots of awesome bands. Negative… there’s too much Facebook in it.

You’ve got a bunch of releases up on Bandcamp already, which one of them are you most satisfied with? Are you planning to release anything new in the near future?

Johan: – The latest one, our s/t 7¨.There are also plans on releasing a 12¨ on phobia records this fall.

Which band do you think have influenced you most since you started out? Where do you normally find your inspiration?

Fredrik: – Don’t really know, I only write the lyrics (or well, some of them) and I find my inspiration in everyday things I get irritated about, things that need to be said and things that need to change!

Do you have any certain expressions from where you come from that you’ll use on a frequent basis?

Nils: – Håll käft, Spel D-takt/Shut up, Play D-beat.

What would you say is the number one thing that pisses you off so much that it makes you go and record a great session?

Fredrik: – Politicians, seems like all of them are insane. They don’t help the people they just do stuff to proove themselves and that’s just fucked up.

If you’re visiting Norrland for the first time, what would  a person do? What can you do in Norrland?

Fredrik: – If you visit in the winter, I would tell you to go home again. But if you like snow, cold and darkness then this is the place to be. Storsjön can be pretty beautiful during winter and it doesn’t cost any money to walk around on the ice and just watch the nature. If you visit in the summer you should visit Jamtli, that’s the museum which gets way too little attention, it’s awesome. (this is just in Östersund/Jämtland though).

When being on tour – what did you do to survive it? Do you have any certain ritual before going on stage? What is the most rewarding thing about a tour?

Fredrik: – I can only say for myself but I’ve learned how to sleep in cars, busses, on trains, benches, floors etc over the years so a lot of sleep, I get so pissed otherwise. Limber up, tie your shoes, I take out everything out of my pockets, take off my glasses, take of my hat and takes off my keys. And that’s just so I don’t have to worry about something flying away or dropping something, would suck if I had to buy something new. /Fredrik

I saw that you’ve got a beautiful 17-minute tour-video up of your short mini-tour this easter, could you tell me any nice anecdotes? What was the most fucked up thing that happened on that tour? Were you pleased with what you accomplished on that tour?

Johan: – I’m not sure about the fucked up thing. Värnamo was pretty strange though. We got heckled when we were checking out the town, some guys in a van drove up and screamed ”tjocka killar” (fat guys) to us. Then we met up a caravan of about 30 cars all honking their horns and waving to us. A nice welcoming as you can hear. We’re pleased, always nice to get out on the road. Too bad it didn’t work out with more dates though.

When you’re recording stuff, do you get to have one hundred percent artistic freedom?

Brottskod 11: – We do. No one’s got anything to say about it but us.

If you had to recommend a bunch of albums that would be your all-time favorites, which albums would you pick?


•   Tragedy – Vengeance

•   Fall of Efrafa – (elil, inle & owsla)

•   Behind Enemy Lines – The global cannibal

•   Gorillaz – Demon days

•   Tom Waits – Blood Money

What new and upcoming bands would you recommend to the reader?

Emil: – All the new bands on Hotet Från Skogarna of course! Then you also have “Livet som insats” from Falun that I find really, really good.

Could you tell me anything about your best live-performance you’ve ever done? And which one have been your all-time favorite?

Fredrik: – Must’ve been at the release party of our 7”, that was an awesome gig!

Nils: – Or our last gig on the Norrland/Finland tour in Oulo. People were insane and we all had a real blast on stage. Epic! We also jumped straight into the car after the gig and drove 1000 km home. The best way to end a tour.

What would you say is the most beautiful place to be at in Sweden?

Fredrik: – Haven’t been around that much, but I lived in Djurås, Dalarna for a while, loved it there, beautiful and calm!

Could you tell me how you got involved with Hotet Från Skogarna? What made you contribute with the songs you’re contributing with?

Nils: – All the bands sat down and Jocke, Johan and Robin told us what they had in mind for HFS. As soon as we heard about the idea we had no second thoughts about contributing in any way possible. The whole project is big boost in ÖSD and we hope it will convince more people to play HC/Punk /Nils

What do you think is the number one thing every hardcore-kid has to experience while being in Sweden?

Nils: – In any way possible be a part of some punk scene. It is important that you see what’s possible as long as you’re willing to do it yourself, D.I.Y!

Thank you for letting me interview you! What would be your final words of wisdom?

Brottskod 11: – We hope that as many as possible will join us on Storsjöteatern at the release of the HFS LP. See you in the mosh!

Check out their latest S/t 7¨ over here:

You can also find them over here:





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