Interview with Brottskod 11!

Brottskod 11 is a punk/d-beat band from Östersund consisting of Nisse (shouting), Gy (roaring), Fredrik (screaming), Micke (guitar), Johan (guitar) and Emil (drums). They’ve been featured on the Turist i Tillvaron nr. 2 sampler with a bunch of other great bands. They’ve also been on a tour, which you’ll find out later in the interview. And, they’re featured on a new compilation named Hotet Från Skogarna. These interviews are themed by that compilation. They’ve got a bunch of material on their Bandcamp. This band is the second one of eight in these series of interviews. I got the opportunity to interview them, and a bunch of them answered my questions. I asked them about their band, the tour, the music industry and much more. Tune in for the second one in these series!

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