Mini-interview with The KVB!

I decided to conduct a mini-interview with a band named The KVB. Since this ones a bit minimalistic, lets use that theme. Make up your own mind by listening to the latest release Always Then. I asked a couple of questions, about the aesthetics and the latest release. If you scroll down, you’ll see what I found out. Hopefully this one will be enjoyable too.

How do you think that your sound have progressed since you started out?
– I think it has subtly incorporated more styles and genres since I started. The original ‘shoegaze/electronic’ sound is still there though. Maybe it’s gotten darker!

What do you think about the current state of music, mainly in your own genre? Have it progressed or regressed?
– The current ‘underground’ music scene seems to be very healthy. There are lots of artists making great music in all sorts of genres, not just ours. The mainstream music scene on the other hand, is quite different.

In what way could you describe your aesthetics and what have mainly influenced you in that area?
– Minimal and ‘lo fi’, but with maximum impact to the listener. This has been influenced partly through my experiences playing in other bands before and hearing my ideas diluted and changed in big studios. Also, influenced by all the music I love!

In your creative process, what dimensions do you add to the music first? Which dimension do you think is the most important to fulfill the music itself? (ergo – song, synthesizer, percussion, drums etc)
– The music is usually based around a drum pattern and a bass or synth line – I suppose they are the most important parts to the tracks. What I add next, depends on the mood I’m in (loud guitar, or string synths) and where I see the song going.

Besides the time dedicated to producing music and releasing it, what are your main interests?
– Travelling, cinema, art, fun.

What have been the best show you’ve done and what was the worst one?
– Hm. Honestly, the worst one I think was in Aarhus, Denmark recently – just because of the soundman. He made it very ‘difficult’ for us – the crowd was great though. It’s to hard to pick a ‘best’ show, although our recent shows in Greece & Spain were great!

Which decade do you think have been the best musically throughout all of history?
– It’s very hard to pinpoint one decade from the past, so I’m going to say this decade will be the best! Hopefully.

Do you have any genre of music that you just can’t stand listening to, no matter how hard you try?
– I really cant stand ‘trance’, or any other over-produced club, hip hop and manufactured pop music.

Since I already know the history of The KVB – what’s been happening lately and what do you have in store for the near future?
– We’ve just released the second pressing of the LP, ‘Always Then’ on limited white vinyl. We have some great upcoming live dates in the UK and in the USA and will be releasing a split 12″ with Deathday, from LA on Sweating Tapes/Clan Destine soon.

What emotions do you think your music encompasses? Do you have any certain emotions you’d want to capture for different releases?
– The emotions expressed in the music tend to revolve around the typical subjects of; love, hate, sex, death etc. The emotions the music captures depends on when the songs written and how I’m feeling at that moment.

Do you have any last words of wisdom?
– I’m not wise enough yet to pass on wisdom!

Check out the latest album Always Then by The KVB:

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