Mini-interview with Dear Leaders!

Dear Leaders is a band consisting of three members: Paddy Burland (Drums), Jess Whelligan (Vocals/Guitar) and Tim Wong (Keys)  that emerged from Bristol in late 2009, they play a combination of electro, surf and ethereal dream-pop. With their first self-released  debut EP Not Summer, really shows their versatile ambition with the music they create. Over a two year period they managed to change completely from a bedroom demo-band to a fully accomplished live-act. Since this record was written over the period of two years, amidst relocations from Burma, Norwich and London – the track Cold reflects the upheaval of that period whilst Not Summer reflects the easiness of the simpler times. They’ve also collaborated with the eminent Bristol-artist Katy Christianson, that also designed some of their artwork for them. She also adorned the walls for their first EP-launch gig at Hardy Tree Gallery in London. This coming summer they’ll perform at Thekla and also the Bristol-based Dot To Dot festival. I got the opportunity to interview them about their influences, their launch gig and much more.

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