Interview with Bruxa!

Bruxa as they call themselves consists of Bianca Radd (Vocals), Derek Stilwell (Beats) and Saint Michael (Vocals). They mix witchstep, cold wave, hip-hop and a bunch other genres together. Up until now they’ve released their debutalbum Eye On Everybody on Sweating Tapes. Currently finalizing their second release on the same label, and since I conducted the interview they’ve also remixed their labelmates Nightmare Fortress song Killing Time. Their upcoming EP will be released sometime in June. Hopefully this interview will rejuvenate your mind and get you interested in this mindboggling mix of sanity, insanity and venture, through severeal languages.

Who are the masterminds behind Bruxa? Tell me more about yourselves, and why you picked that name.
– Derek Stilwell does the beats, Saint Michael and Bianca Radd do the vocals. The name just sort of happened. Very little thought put into it. A song came into existence, a name was needed, less than 5 minutes later we had one.

Could you explain the terms witch-house and witch-step?
– Would prefer not to. Wikipedia can explain what witch house is better than us. You could say witchstep is basically just our own bastardization of witch house in some sense. You could say that, but we probably wouldn’t. Too much has been said about this already.

Do these terms have anything to do with the term grave-wave?
– Not to us, but maybe to someone else.

Now that we’ve progressed this far, what do you have to say about your influences? Your sound is pretty unique. Is there anyone doing exactly the same thing, or at least in the same genre?
– Maybe, but not really that we know of. Our influences are constantly changing and evolving. Genres are fun, finding new ones is part of that fun. We have always played around in lots of styles and forms but to us at the end of the day its always about some kind of bass music.

Your aesthetics seem to be very hipster-ish. Am I just being judgemental, or is there any truth in this? If not, what would be your main aesthetic influences?
– Yes. You are being judgmental. Maybe because we are from Portland? There are a lot of “hipsters” here but we don’t like to use that term, the definition is so vague that its a pretty useless classification. As for our aesthetic: That is a hard question to answer because bruxa is three very different individuals with very different aesthetics coming together and creating a new aesthetic. We create a brand new aesthetic every time we write a song by basically destroying the previous one and making texas chainsaw massacre style cannibal furniture out of the remains. There’s an influence for you.

Over at your bandcamp you state that you’re creating a trilogy of EPs, what is Eye On Everyone about and how will the second and third one be continued? Is there any obvious pattern or do they just belong with each other?
– There is a pattern in that one follows the other. We dont really think of it like that but you are welcome to. To us records are reflections of moments in time and there is no one meaning, just snapshots really.

Could you tell me anything else about the second one that is being released in June? How far have you come in means of progress, and could you reveal anything we didn’t already know about it?
– Very close to finished. Been working on it very hard but not thinking about it very much if that makes sense. It could be six or eight songs long but probably not seven. As for the secret stuff, we are working with Mishka for the digital end of release later this summer.

Your newest song, V?! challenges the picture of Bruxa as being witch-step or post-dubstep, introducing some rave, D&B and breakcore-influences. Is this where the next EP will be at or will you still be filling it to the brink with variation?
– Thank you! We take that as a compliment and yes, it will be filled to the brink with variation. That is probably the best way to summarize what to expect from us in general.

Which one of your label-mates over at Sweating Tapes do you prefer listening to?
– Extralone. One man riot.

Are there any other new band out there that you’d like to recommend?
– Litanic Mask is a portland band thats really great.

Besides a new EP-release in June, what would you have in mind for the future?
– We did a live event where we scored one third of Jan Svenkmeyrs Alice last halloween and we will making that available online soon.

Is there any specific reason for your frequent use of the Spanish language in a lot of your songs?
– Bianca is half Brazilian. She speaks Portuguese in our songs for a variety of reasons but one is the inspiration of her mother, the original Bruxa.

If you had the possibility to choose, who would you primarily do a split-CD with and which artist or band would be your secondary pick?
– Honestly, not really into the idea of split cds, but Extralone again would be fine with us.

Have you been playing live yet? And if so, what would you recall to have been your best experience so far?
– Well, that Halloween show we mentioned was really fun but definitely the high point so far has been opening for Gang Gang Dance a holocene in Portland. Great venue, great band, lots of people, really fun.

Where will you be playing live in the nearest future?
– Whisky bar in Portland in may, LA in the fall.

Do you have any last words of wisdom?
– No Gods, No Masters.

Here’s Bruxas latest song V∆!:
Bruxa – V∆!

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