Mini-interview with Aural Burrows!

Aural Burrows is a secret man named Ouroboros. He blends the finest of pop with elements of post-punk psychedelia. Up until now he’s released Gravitron EP in 2011 and Crescent Moon in April, 2012.  I conducted a mini-interview with him to get to know him better, and asked him about his aesthetic influences, themes and what he thinks about his own music.

You recently started out, is this a one-man band or are there more involved? How would you describe Aural Burrows yourself? Have you been in any other bands prior to this one?
– I record all of the tracks on my own, but we expand to a five-piece when we’re playing live. I guess at its core Aural Burrows is about making pop songs. I’ve called it bedroom pop before, but that describes the process more than the product. And no, this is my first project.

It seems like your aesthetics are influenced by space and somewhat historical architecture like the Sphinx. How would you explain your aesthetics and what have mainly influenced them?
– Yeah, definitely. I really like the juxtaposition of old images with new ones; that retro-futuristic vibe has always fascinated me. Like people from the 1950s trying to imagine the future. I’m not a big science fiction fan or anything, but some of the artwork from that genre has really influenced my aesthetics.

This also sounds pretty original and I believe that both the musical part and the aesthetic part add up and create something fascinating. Why did you choose this genre and have you done this all by yourself?
– I guess it’s just what I’m naturally drawn to. And it lends itself well to a solo project. At the end of the day, I’m trying to make listenable, instantly-gratifying pop songs. I like being able to blend the visual aesthetics with the music, like by using a really spacey-sounding synth part or something. But yeah, it’s just music that I think I would like even if I weren’t making it; it fills some small niche that may not have existed before. Yeah, all the music is written and recorded by me, but I’ve had a lot of support from other people too. Erik David Hidde, the head of Housewarming Records, has been great with helping me spread my music around.

What themes do the Graviton EP and the Crescent Moon follow? Chronological or just different settings for different EPs and albums?
– There’s definitely a chronological progression between the two, but they’re also inherently different. Gravitron was the first time I had ever released any of my music, so it’s a little more free-form or naive than Crescent Moon. As far as lyrics go, both releases are on the same page thematically. Crescent Moon is probably more of a refinement than a step in a different direction.

Do you have anything planned for the near future? Any new tracks or any new release?
– Crescent Moon is getting its proper release on April 10th via Housewarming Records, and I’m currently recording and compiling the material that will be on the LP. The LP will have a few of the already released songs, but it’ll mostly contain new material. That should get released late this summer sometime.

Considering that you’ve released some quite interesting stuff, what do you think about it yourself? Do you think that you’ve progressed and what are you most satisfied with contra not satisfied with?
– I’m thrilled with it, and thrilled with how it’s been received. I’m not trying to make a living out of Aural Burrows, so that allows me to have less pressure to put stuff out. I still get really excited whenever I hear one of my songs in a YouTube video or something. Like one guy put “End of Times” in the background of his Minecraft video; that was awesome. I’d say that I’ve progressed, but I still have a lot to learn and a lot to create. I’m just satisfied with the process in general; I feel really fortunate that I discovered this creative outlet.

Do you have any last words of wisdom?
– Make music. Or find your own creative outlet. Vonnegut says it better than I can: “The arts are not a way to make a living. They are a very human way of making life more bearable.”

Here’s Aural Burrows tracks from the Crescent Moon release:
Aural Burrows – Crescent Moon
Aural Burrows – You Don’t Have to Go

You can find him over here:





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