Interview with Seacrypt!

Seacrypt is a synth-pop/slimewave group consisting of Michael Buchanan (Synth/Guitar/Rhythm), Chelsea Friedman (Synth/Voice/Bell) and Paul Sutfin (Synth/Voice/Flute/Horn). They’ve recently emerged from the US and deliver a sharp notion of seaness. I’ve also reviewed their debutalbum, you can find that review over here. Their debutalbum A Momentary Rift gives me a sense of calmness but at the same time it brings moodyness. It also reminds me of a hybrid between Ladytron and The Birthday Massacre, if injected with a relaxant. With all the elements combined, I summoned them for an interview about their aesthetical inspiration, influences and much more.

What are your influences musically?

M.B: – A wide spectrum…. In terms of direct + conscious influence on Seacrypt music: Tones on Tail, The Cure, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Riechmann, Chris Carter, A Blaze Color, Martin Dupont, Le Syndicat Electronique, Klinik.

P.S: – Cocteau Twins, Debussy, Arvo Part, New Order.

C.F.: – The list is too long but just a few of the the top are: Sonic Youth, November Növelet / Haus Arafna, Psychic TV, Xeno and Oaklander, Depeche Mode, Joy Division.

M.B.: – Much influence also comes from the inherent nature of certain instruments and ways of working with them.

What have influenced you aesthetically?

P.S.: – Landscape, particularly the landscapes of the northwestern U.S., including Alaska, where Michael is from. Gerhard Richter, Hiroshi Sugimito. We can all be said to be influenced by surrealist techniques. Minimalism.

C.F.: – Hans Bellmer, Richard Teschner, Dorothea Tanning, Max Ernst, Joeseph Cornell, architecture, being outside.

How would you define the music that you create?

M.B.: – I suppose: dark synth-pop with some electro and ambient overtones. Slimewave?

Why did you choose to release your album on limited physical cassette?

M.B.:– The release needed some kind of physicality, to make a 7” was too expensive, and tape was something we could do ourselves fairly well. I have a fairly decent cassette mastering and duplication setup, so I am able to get the quality I wanted.

What do you think about the music industry as it is today?

M.B.: – Well, it is still transitioning. The internet has made certain things easier but many things harder. It seems like a large part of the DIY-culture has disappeared along with much of the traditional music industry. The good is discarded along with the bad. Record stores are now anachronistic. Niches survive, for now.

Have you played at any live-shows yet?

M.B.: – Somewhat…. we played a very nascent set at a party at the underground Oakland venue Orbis Nex (R.I.P.) in 2008, far too soon after forming. And since then we have done some improvisational/ambient electronic performances at the Autonomous Mutant Festival in 2010 in the forests of northern California. Both were very loose and not really a representation of what we have done since, or what we do in the studio. We are very interested in playing live in the future, and have some ideas. It’s a little more difficult with the geographical distance between members (Paul lives in Portland now, myself and Chelsea live in Oakland.)

Are you planning to release anything new in the near future?

M.B.: – We have a batch of 4 or 5 new songs that are being finalized. Looking for a way to release these at the moment.

Could you recommend any other bands that you are very fond of?

M.B.: – I am also a member of Nommo Ogo – which has evolved into more of a psychedelic ritual electronics project. Some local (SF Bay area) acts I enjoy are : Brotman and Short, RMS, Exillon, Dimentia, Total Accomplishment and Nezzy Idy.

P.S.: – Chelsea was in a group called Gurglemesh.

C.F.: – Gurglemesh was an acoustic group, I sang and played violin with.

Do you have any last words of wisdom?

C.F.: – Not really, we would hope that people enjoy our music and we encourage people to get in touch if they do! Thank you for your questions…

M.B.: – Thanks as well, we can be reached via email at:

Seacrypt with the song A Momentary Rift:

You can find them over here:




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