Interview with Juveniles!

Juveniles are a french “pop”-band as they’d like to describe themselves. They released their first EP titled “We Are Young” in 2011. They are signed to the label Kitsuné Music which also hold bands like Digitalism, La Roux, Simian Mobile Disco and many, many more. They’re also coming to Sweden in April, where they will be playing on Debaser in Malmö. I got the opportunity to interview them about their past, present and future.

Who are the Juveniles?
– A French Pop band.

Have you been playing in other bands before you formed Juveniles?
– Yes, that’s how we all met.

You’ve just released your EP “We Are Young”, what are you planning on for this year?
– We’re releasing a second EP called «Ambitions» on Feb. 27th on Kitsuné.

What are you planning on for the future?
– A lot of cool gigs, remixes, and we’re working on our first album.

How much have the band improved musically since the EP, both live and in the studio?
– We’ve always been good ! No, we’re working a lot in the studio both for live and recording purposes.

Will it be your first time playing in Sweden at Debaser in April? How do you feel about coming to Sweden?
– Yes, we’re really looking forward to it! We’re really excited, plus we’ve been told the venues were awesome.

How does it feel to have brought back the dirty post-punk bassline?
– You mean since Golden Skans from the Klaxons? Dirty Post-Punk basslines will never go out of the picture, people love’em too much.

Does your music follow any certain theme?
– Youth, obviously.

What would you say are your greatest inspirations musically?
– Great 80’s singers like Morrissey, Robert Smith, Ian Curtis & Mc Culloch. Also in books, movies, themes that inspires us to write.

Do you have any guilty pleasure when it comes to music?
– Not really, I’m not ashamed of anything my iPod contains.

Any last words of wisdom?
– Never get bored, don’t let go on your dreams, stay young.

Last but not least, where can we find you?
– On Facebook, Twitter mostly where we’re very active and post a lot of content, remixes, gigs…etc and on our website

Here’s the official video for their song “We Are Young“:

You can find them here:

Official Website:




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